Our History

Company was formed in 2008 with 7 Software Engineers and it was refistered in 2011 as a private limited under the Companies Act. Start of with Software Development now we have moved into Web Development , Mobile Application Development and IT Consultancy and providing services not only for Sri Lanka but also in many countries in the world.


Featured Services

We provide the best and productive solution for small ,medium and large scale client base and product base problems using new usable technologies. We serve high quality and cost effective products depending on the clients requirement,


Careers @ Cipher

Vacancies are not available

Our highly qualified team always try to achieve our mission statements following vision statement. We built a long relationship with our clients and providing the best , appropriate and cost effective solution and research about the lates technologies and updating the exsisting systems for more user friendly environment.

Our mission is to supply reliable quality products with time and cost effective manner. Using mature software life cycle processes, we can optimize and provide reliability, high performance, usability,functionality, maintainability and sucessfull quality products. We develop web base, desktop base and mobile applications using different type of programing languages such as Java, PHP, C#, JSP , ASP andVb.Net.

This is and ongoing project which manages confidential data on surgical patients, helps doctors to identify the imporvement of a perticular patient
This project was develops to advertise cars, lands and houses for sale/rent in Sri Lanka